“Complete me” book available now

Yesterday i released my first book ever,”complete me” it is a diy fine art coloring book. It consists of 12 pages filled with some of my favorite original inkings. The contents are black outlines that i used to make various products including t-shirts and prints. The book is meant to be used however you please. You can color in it with crayons,acrylics,oils,pastels,colored pencils,ink,pens,markers or any medium you see fit, watercolor will smear ink. or you can just leave it as a book, remove the pages and frame them. Each page is perforoated for easy removal. Each page is printed on 90 lb italian watercolor paper, cover is 100lb felt linen. This book is very limited edition of 20. Each page is slightly smaller than 8″x10″. Signed and numbered By Jared Wright. all orders come with free stickers and some will receive original doodles! Get yours here!




Published by Jared Wright Art

My name is Jared Wright, I am a painter and illustrator from Florida. I use a variety of styles, techniques and mediums to create fun, surreal worlds with loose narratives. I am inspired by everything from Dali to classic rock, aliens and the beauty of nature. My goal is to create art that will inspire the viewer to feel, think and hopefully create or simply share the inspiration with others. I believe the goal of an artist is to represent themselves genuinely and honestly so the viewer can relate to it genuinely, and that connection can be everything.

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