My latest Piece Neon Nostalgia (Things) is available now!

My latest Piece Neon Nostalgia (Things) is available now on FND.

The winner will receive the physical original drawing, in addition the winner and each bidder will be airdropped an exclusive B&W version.

Please read description below.

Life is a chaotic and beautiful journey that will take you places you’ve never imagined and show you things you’ve never seen. If you’re lucky, along this crazy journey you will come across certain things that just speak to you, things that you just seem to be drawn toward, things that will go on to hold a special place in your heart. These are some of my things, some of these may be your things too, and that is a connection we share. Neon Nostalgia (Things) is a deeply personal homage to my youth, growing up in the 90s and the infinite number of cool things that have influenced me along my wild journey.


Published by Jared Wright Art

My name is Jared Wright, I am a painter and illustrator from Florida. I use a variety of styles, techniques and mediums to create fun, surreal worlds with loose narratives. I am inspired by everything from Dali to classic rock, aliens and the beauty of nature. My goal is to create art that will inspire the viewer to feel, think and hopefully create or simply share the inspiration with others. I believe the goal of an artist is to represent themselves genuinely and honestly so the viewer can relate to it genuinely, and that connection can be everything.

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