047A8844-Edit.jpgA word from me, Jared Wright

“I create art for a variety of reasons, but mainly because I have to. There is a constant need inside me to create, I don’t know why I am this way but I know I’m not alone. My work is often not confined by logic or reason, and  may not always adhere to the rules and policies of tradition, but I create what I like. I believe as an “artist” it is your duty to represent yourself and your ideas fully and honestly. There is nothing more I would like my art to do, than to inspire the viewer, and make them feel something. I want the viewer to see what I see through their eyes and write their own meaning and narrative Into it. I want the viewer to feel at ease and uneasy at the same time, I want the viewer to feel a nostalgia for something they may have never even experienced, or have any connection to, and give them a yearning to explore their ideas further and look past the surface of the visual. I hope to inspire people to create, or think, or talk, or sing, or laugh or any genuine emotion as a result of viewing my work, the same way Bob Seger’s “Turn the page” would make you feel if it came on while driving through the desert in the middle of the night. I know that is a high expectation that can never really be “completed” but as long as I’m alive I will create for those reasons.

Jared is a Freelance Artist from Florida

Jared’s preferred mediums are Acrylic Paint, pen and ink.

For Freelance or Commission work, please email Jaredwrightart@gmail.com

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