” I create for many different reasons. Sometimes I paint or ink for enjoyment so I create from my imagination, of individuals, places, and things that are not real. I specialize in drawing and painting woodland animals and organic substances usually conveyed with a sense of whimsy with no regard for logic or reason. Creating through my art enables me to express myself and lets my ideas & emotions manifest into my art; which is why I love painting so much. I love that there’s something I can do no matter what happens and I enjoy sharing it with others.” -Jared Wright-

Jared Wright is a self-taught artist from Tampa, Fl.

He specializes in drawing, inking, and painting.

Jared’s preferred mediums are pen and ink, watercolor, ballpoint pen and photoshop.

Jared is available for album art/band merch, apparel design, skateboard design, and commissioned paintings/drawings.

One thought on “About

  1. Hey, Jared here. I’m very sorry for the delay, I don’t normally receive messages through my site, so when i do i don’t see them for a while. If there’s any info you’d like please let me know, although i know its probably long past by now. Thanks for being a fan, Take care!

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