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  1. hey Jared! my name is James, I’m from Queensland, Australia and a massive fan of your work! I follow you on instagram and admire your unique style.
    I was just enquiring about possibly using a few pieces of your art and working with you to create some new idea’s for it.

    it’s gonna be a large back piece that takes up pretty much my whole back, the theme being ‘a dark look at under the sea’. I want it to incorporate colour and animals such as sharks, squid, sea snakes and other critters of that nature (suggestions welcome)

    also wanted to squeeze these works of yours in there to spruce it up a bit!
    – the skull with the sea weed hanging out of it
    – the chopped up fish
    – the whale jumping out of the water
    – and the walrus with seagulls on it

    look forward to hearing back from you when you get a chance so we can discuss the idea further and and the money side of things.
    thanks mate!

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